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Track, Monitor & Optimise your Field-Based Assets

Whether you have 1 or 1000 assets, Clarity Telecom can help you track & analyse your high-value assets with one powerful solution.

Cloud Based Asset Tracking Soluiton

Take control of the things that matter to your business by tracking the assets using our comprehensive cloud based tracking solution. 


With full-visibility of your typically high-value assets you can quickly locate critical equipment when needed. Even if your business manages thousands of assets, you can track them all on a single web based platform offering many useful features. 


Asset Outdoor & Indoor Maps

Asset Journeys

Asset Usage

Asset Movement Insights

Rotation & Retention Alerts

Out-of-routine Detection

Domain-specific Dashboards & Reports

Extensive search capabilities 

Customised to your business

Integrator API

Asset Locations & Usage Tracking

Regardless of your location, you can check where your assets are at a certain point in time. Fully autonomus sensors, that are battery-powered and require no cables, will keep you up-to-date about your assets location & usage. 

The energy-efficiency of our application is guaranteed by combining different geolocation technologies likes GPS, WiFi, BLE and network-based geolocation cia an LPWAN. What if there is no network reception? Then the data integrity algorithym, a patented data synchronisation solution in the Sensolus cloud, ensures data recovery. 

Industry Uses Cases


Waste Management

Transport & Logistics

  • Automate inventory
  • Eliminate manual search
  • Monitor 3rd parties in the supply chain
  • Create visibility on waste containers
  • Monitor how customers use containers
  • Recover quickly from planning mistakes
  • Reduce man-hours searching trailers
  • Avoid improper use & theft
  • Get insights on utilisation & allocation