Manage the compliance & safety of high-footfall areas with confidence. 

Over-C provides high-footfall, high-rish public facilities with a digital platform for realtime decision making in the areas of cost control, compliance and customer experience.



Over-C reduces costs – or enhances value for money – by enabling facility leaders to make smarter decisions about how best to deploy frontline resources: enabling the creation, adjustment and enforcement of SLAs or KPIs that accelerate operational efficiencies and enhance performance.

It also eliminates the time (and cost) of manual, paper-based recording and reporting.


Over-C gives complete transparency of all activity without overwhelming staff with operational detail: this frees up their time to focus on serving the customer.

Any issues or incidents can quickly be flagged and addressed – the platform can even be linked to Twitter hashtags/handles so issues identified by the customers themselves can be resolved as quickly as possible.


Over-C deploys sensors around a venue or facility, triggering tasks and workflows at exactly the right time and place, providing certainty that frontline tasks are carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements. A photograph or video can be uploaded to create a complete, auditable and time-stamped digital record of all activity which is monitored in real-time via a visual dashboard.

With Over-C, you can instantly recall records relating to any reported incident and confirm whether negligence was involved.


Over-C improves morale of frontline staff by empowering them with technology – making them better able to see the results of their efforts and creating that connective tissue between the worker and the wider organisation.

By fostering a happier and more productive workforce, Over-C helps to improve the service levels that contribute to a first-rate customer experience (and minimises the induction and training costs associated with high employee turnover).





How can you be certain that critical tasks such as security, cleaning, maintenance and hospitality services which are often contracted to a third party, are actually being delivered?

Live Status Updates on your tags give you complete visibility across your operation as to what has been completed, what is pending & what is overdue.


All activity and data is available in real-time via a visual dashboard giving full transparency and visibility into operations all from one platform. Whether you have one facility or multiple you can track performance, trends, status updates, generate reports and more at the click of a button. Our interactive customised live maps allow you to oversee operations from a 10,000 ft view right down to the minute detail.



“Over-C has revolutionised the way we think about data, analytics and problem solving.”

Colm Moran, Thomond Park